Welcome to Mind & Nourish!

Welcome to Mind & Nourish! 

I’m Danielle, a newly qualified Naturopathic-trained Nutritionist, having graduated from a 3-year Diploma at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in November 2022. I live in Donegal, in the North West of Ireland with my family, although I hail from Queensland, Australia.  

I have a 20-year nursing background, in varied specialties and environments, and have explored different alternative health options over the years, including chiropractic, massage and reiki, Traditional Chinese Medicine, homeopathy and energetic methods.

My aim for Mind & Nourish is to be able to provide nutritional and lifestyle education and support to people who are interested in making changes to diet, lifestyle and mental outlook, with the goal of improving energy, vitality and enjoyment of life! In this blog, I will explore these themes and put forward my views and findings, and I’m happy to facilitate questions and discussions.

Mind & Nourish offers in-person and online consultations for personalised nutritional and lifestyle advice, based on a comprehensive health review. I also offer bioenergetic testing and remedies that aid in balancing your physical and energetic body, using the QEST system.

So, as 2023 progresses, I am looking forward and making plans to grow Mind & Nourish from a concept to a tangible business, using my naturopathic nutrition training and enthusiasm for education, learning and positive interpersonal relationships.

I’m contemplating that into the new year, in our busy lives, we reflect on our actions and feelings of the year past including personal achievements, learning experiences and issues in interpersonal relationships.  

For me, this last year has been full of deadlines for course work, but alongside that I have cared for my family, enjoyed cooking and gardening, explored the wild and beautiful mountains in Donegal, and indulged my curiosity for many topics, reading books and having discussions with family and friends.

Sometimes we can be hard on ourselves and look back with negativity at the year’s challenges and experiences. We may make promises that in the new year we will eat better, exercise more, or work harder towards set goals. To meet these goals, it is important to attend to factors that may have been preventing us from successfully navigating the challenges and experiences of daily life. 

 Some strategies that I am exploring to do this are supporting energy and wellbeing with diet and lifestyle, reflective journaling, self care, reiki, and emotional freedom techniques.  These a just a few ideas that I hope to highlight and integrate into my Mind and Nourish ethos as I learn more!

Thanks for joining me at Mind & Nourish and I look forward to making connections and working to support the health and wellbeing of us all.

Until next time...